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  • Apple — Inc. Rechtsform Incorporated ISIN US0378331005 Gründung 1976 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Apple — Ap ple ([a^]p p l), n. [OE. appel, eppel, AS. [ae]ppel, [ae]pl; akin to Fries. & D. appel, OHG, aphul, aphol, G. apfel, Icel. epli, Sw. [ a]ple, Dan. [ae]ble, Gael. ubhall, W. afal, Arm. aval, Lith. ob[*u]lys, Russ. iabloko; of unknown origin.] 1 …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Apple — Apple,   1976 von Steve Jobs und Steven Wozniak in Palo Alto/Kalifornien gegründete Computerfirma. Noch im Gründungsjahr brachte das Unternehmen mit dem von Steven Wozniak entwickelten Apple I einen der ersten Mikrocomputer auf den Markt, von dem …   Universal-Lexikon

  • apple — (n.) O.E. æppel apple; any kind of fruit; fruit in general, from P.Gmc. *ap(a)laz (Cf. O.S., O.Fris., Du. appel, O.N. eple, O.H.G. apful, Ger. Apfel), from PIE *ab(e)l apple (Cf. Gaul. avallo fruit; O.Ir. ubull, Lith. obuolys, O.C …   Etymology dictionary

  • apple — ► NOUN ▪ the rounded fruit of a tree of the rose family, with green or red skin and crisp flesh. ● the apple never falls far from the tree Cf. ↑the apple never falls far from the tree ● the apple of one s eye Cf. ↑the apple of one s eye ● …   English terms dictionary

  • APPLE — (Heb. תַּפּוּחַ), mentioned several times in the Bible. In the Song of Songs it is described as a shady tree bearing sweet fruit (2:3). The odor of the beloved is reminiscent of the delicate aroma of the apple (7:9). It was an important product… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • apple — [ap′əl] n. [ME appel < OE æppel, fruit, apple (also, eyeball, anything round); akin to OIr aball (Welsh afall), apple tree] 1. a round, firm, fleshy, edible fruit with a green, yellow, or red skin and small seeds 2. any of the trees (genus… …   English World dictionary

  • Apple — es una palabra, en idioma inglés, que significa manzana, y puede referirse: ● En el ámbito computacional, a la compañía Apple Computer. ● La compañía de discos creada por los Beatles a finales de los años 60s, llamada Apple Records …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Apple — Ap ple ([a^]p p l), v. i. To grow like an apple; to bear apples. Holland. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Apple — trademark 1.) a US computer company whose best known product is the ↑Macintosh personal computer 2.) a type of computer made by this company. These machines are regarded as being easy to use, and have a different ↑operating system from ↑PCs. They …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Apple — Para otros usos de este término, véase Apple (desambiguación). Apple Tipo Pública (NASDAQ …   Wikipedia Español

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