1. Lit. adjacent and touching backs. •

They started the duel by standing back-to-back.

Two people who stand back-to-back can manage to see in all directions.

2. Fig. following immediately. (Actually such things are front to back, with the “end” of one event followed in time by the beginning of another.) •

The doctor had appointments set up back-to-back all day long.

I have three lecture courses back-to-back every day of the week.

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{adv.} 1. Immediately following. * /The health clinic had back-to-back appointments for the new students during the first week of school./ 2. Very close to, as if touching. * /Sardines are always packed in the can back-to-back./ * /The bus was so full that people had to stand back-to-back./

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.

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