fall out

fall out
1. to happen; to result. •

As things fell out, we had a wonderful trip.

What fell out of our discussion was a decision to continue.

2. to leave one's place in a formation when dismissed. (Usually in scouting or the military. The opposite of fall in.) •

The scouts fell out and ran to the campfire.

All the soldiers fell out and talked among themselves.

3. to depart. •

It's late, George. I have to fall out.

Let's fall out. I have to get up early in the morning.

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{v.} 1. To happen. * /As it fell out, the Harpers were able to sell their old car./ Compare: TURN OUT(6). 2. To quarrel; fight; fuss; disagree. * /The thieves fell out over the division of the loot./ 3. To leave a military formation. * /You men are dismissed. Fall out!/ Contrast: FALL IN. 4. To leave a building to go and line up. * /The soldiers fell out of the barracks for inspection./

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.


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