stand for

{v.} 1. To be a sign of; make you think of; mean. * /The letters "U.S.A." stand for "United States of America."/ * /The written sign "=" in an arithmetic problem stands for "equals."/ * /Our flag stands for our country./ * /The owl stands for wisdom./ 2. To speak in favor of something, or show that you support it. * /The new President stood for honest government./ * /John always stands for what is right./ 3. {Chiefly British} To try to be elected for. * /Three men from London are standing for parliament./ * /The governor did not stand for reelection./ 4. {informal} To allow to happen or to be done; permit. - Usually used in the negative, * /The teacher will not stand for fooling in the classroom./ Compare: HAVE IT(4), PUT UP WITH.

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.


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