take off

take off
1. Fig. to leave the ground and begin to fly. (As with a bird or an airplane.) •

When do we take off ?

The eagle took off and headed toward the mountains.

2. Fig. [for someone] to leave in a hurry. •

She really took off from there quickly.

I've got to take off—I'm late.

3. Fig. [for something] to start selling well. •

The fluffy dog dolls began to take off, and we sold out the lot.

Ticket sales really took off after the first performance.

4. Fig. to become active and exciting. •

Did the party ever take off, or was it dull all night?

Things began to take off about midnight.

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{v. phr.} 1a. To leave fast; depart suddenly; run away. * /The dog took off after a rabbit./ Compare: LIGHT OUT. 1b. {informal} To go away; leave. * /The six boys got into the car and took off for the drug store./ 2. To leave on a flight, begin going up. * /A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up or down./ 3. {informal} To imitate amusingly; copy another person's habitual actions or speech. * /He made a career of taking off famous people for nightclub audiences./ * /At the party, Charlie took off the principal and some of the teachers./ 4. To take (time) to be absent from work. * /When his wife was sick he took off from work./ * /Bill was tired out so he took the day off./

Dictionary of American idioms. 2013.


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